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Recorded Time: 1:28:44   Tempe, AZ, USA   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
11th N American Tour 1977     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
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This is the worst 1977 performance. The whole band seems to be sloppy, tired and Pagey is missing almost all his solos! Due to a big delay, the show was also shortened and the encores as well as drum solo were dropped out from the set. The show opened with a strong performance of The Song Remains The Same. The first part of the set seemed decent, with the exception of Page who stood still near Bonzo's drum riser for most of the night. During the guitar solo in Over The Hills And Far Away Page miscalculated his need to switch his guitar floor effect, with Robert Plant being closer to it and actually activating it for him. Things took a strange turn after a very low key acoustic set. During Trampled Underfoot Page turned in a very uninspired guitar solo. Then ... He chose not to perform White Summer. He played a few bars of Black Mountain Side before going into Kashmir ... but without the rest of the band, slowly Bonzo joined in, then John Paul Jones. Next ... there was no Moby Dick! Bonzo seemed to be "missing in action" at the close of Page's guitar solo so there was an improvisational opening to Achilles Last Stand. And after the opening bars of Achilles right when the song "kicks" in, there was an extremely loud explosion with a blinding white light from the flashpots located at the front of the stage, which threw Jimmy back a couple feet, then you could see him going over to the side of the stage raising a closed fist presumably at a roadie. After the song Robert announced that the explosion was not meant to happen and that the person responsible would soon be "castrated". The band just never seemed to ever get on track and turned in a very uneven performance. Jimmy was content with standing perfectly still through most of the show. During Stairway To Heaven Jimmy actually dropped to one knee during the guitar solo. Bonzo seemed in a hurry to end the show and was off his drum stool and gone before Robert finished the final lyric. So you didn't have the customary cymbal flurry at the end of the song. Then ... that was it! No encore! It's reported that people in the crowd after the show did comments, one was "Led Zeppelin didn't eat their Wheaties".

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       The Battle Of Evermore    6:07    
2.       Going To California    5:48    
3.       Black County Woman    2:00      
4.       Bron-Y-Aur Stomp    8:41      
    a.        Acoustic Improvisation    4:05      
      i.        Dancing Days    0:21      
      ii.        Black Mountain Rag    0:07      
5.       Trampled Underfoot    8:50      
6.       White Summer-Black Mountain Side    0:10      
7.       Kashmir    8:53   cut    
8.       Noise Solo   16:43      
    a.        Bow Solo   15:47      
9.       Achilles Last Stand    9:26      
10.       Stairway To Heaven   13:39    
  11.       Closing Thanks        

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1st gen       aud   master>1st gen cassette, less tape hiss but more bassy (speed varies throughout)
2nd gen   85   aud   master>1st gen cassette>2nd gen cassette (speed varies throughout)