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Pacific Coliseum

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Recorded Time: 3:05:44   Vancouver, BC, Canada   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
10th N American Tour 1975     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
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A very heavy and overall, good performance. Plant apologise for the last concert they played in Vancouver two years ago, and he said: "Last night it was quite a peculiar show actually. Something strange happened to me that evening. I found the light show to be amazing and I wondered what the name of the group was!" No Quarter is absolutely beautiful and Dazed And Confused rocks really hard and is led by Jimmy's amazing guitar prowess. Stairway To Heaven really lifts off during the guitar solo and the heavily improvised and dynamic encores close out this really heavy, powerful and exciting show, which in itself would prove to be nothing compared to the next night! Listen to the Whole Lotta Love encore for Lickin' Stick followed by the riffs from Ozone Baby, three years before it's recording! s on the previous night, the band members are in glorious humours and that caused of few very funny introductions. (Bonham was introduced as "a man who's a stinking rotten dirty pig!")

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       Rock And Roll    3:51      
2.       Sick Again    5:04      
3.       Over The Hills And Far Away    7:37    
4.       In My Time Of Dying   11:06    
5.       The Song Remains The Same    5:18    
6.       The Rain Song    7:47      
7.       Kashmir    8:34    
8.       No Quarter   22:45    
    a.        Keyboard Solo    0:45      
    b.        Grand Piano Interlude    3:18      
    c.        Set-The-Vibe Section    2:40      
    d.        On-The-Journey Section    7:35      
    e.        Grand Piano Reprise    0:47      
9.       Trampled Underfoot    7:43    
10.       Moby Dick   18:15    
    a.        No-Sticks Section    2:49      
11.       Dazed And Confused   38:06   cut  
    a.        Ramp-Up Section    2:40      
    b.        Ethereal Interlude    6:18      
      i.        Woodstock    2:25      
    c.        Bow Solo    8:02      
      i.        Slapped Echo Section    1:05      
      ii.        Mars Alternate Section #1    3:55      
      iii.        Fireworks Section    0:19      
      iv.        Crescendo Section    0:47      
    d.        Lay-It-Back Section    0:32      
    e.        Moaning Section    1:20      
      i.        Eastern Melodies    0:22      
    f.        Mars: The Bringer Of War    0:42      
    g.        Outro Shuffle    5:02      
12.       Stairway To Heaven   12:12    
13.       Whole Lotta Love **Encore**    8:27    
    a.        Funk Out Section    7:14      
      i.        Ain't It Funky Now    0:50      
      ii.        Licking Stick - Licking Stick    0:22      
      iii.        Immigrant Song    0:05      
      iv.        Ozone Baby    0:18      
      v.        Theremin Duel    4:48      
14.       Heartbreaker **Encore**   10:34      
    a.        HB Guitar Solo    5:48      
  15.       Closing Thanks        

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Generation   Length   Source   Comments
master   186   sbd   From EVSD Snowblind
1st gen   165   aud   1st source
1st gen       aud   2nd source, cassette (runs a bit slow - correct speed is 157 mins.). At the 3/4 of Dazed And Confused sound progresses significantly so it likely might be taken off from another source. The Rain Song and Trampled Underfoot have also snippets of this tape.
master   157   aud   3rd source, taped by Lawrence Russell (extended figure 8 mic>Memorex MRX2 Oxide C90 & Sony FeCr C60 master cassettes). He also recorded Vancouver July 18th, 1973 show.