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Boleskine House

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Recorded Time: 31:57   Loch Ness, Scotland   The Complete Concert Chronicles:
Oct 1973 - European Warmups 1975     Led Zeppelin Reference:
Note: Studio Session - 'Lucifer Rising'.     Led Zep Concerts:

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The many and various Lucifer Rising titles all contain the soundtrack used for the final cut of Kenneth Anger's film recorded by Bobby Beausoleil And The Freedom Orchestra. This is so called "finished" song that was initially thought as movie soundtrack. The suite consits of many trance, dark passages played on guitar and violin bow, some portions are repeated to make the overall effect even more hypnotic. Generally, very interesting but quite chaotic project showing Page as a solo composer, much influenced by semi-tonal Eastern music style mixed up with intuitive phrases. The 23-minute piece has circulated for several years, and it's supposedly missing several minutes of music that Anger decided not to use (according to Page).
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Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
  1.       Lucifer Rising # (take 1, violin bow fragment)    1:02      
  2.       Lucifer Rising # (take 2, guitar fragment)    2:08      
  3.       Lucifer Rising # (take 3, violin bow fragment)    2:04      

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Generation   Length   Source   Comments
1st gen   5   cassette demo   Lucifer Rising sessions (location is still speculative, also the date is sometimes given as the end of 1975)
3rd gen?   23   sbd   Lucifer Rising soundtrack (3rd gen or higher, some parts are missed/edited out by Kenneth Anger during mixing process)