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Madison Square Garden

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Recorded Time: 1:41:47   New York, NY, USA   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
9th N American Tour 1973     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
    Led Zep Concerts: Confirmed J
      Wikipedia: Confirmed J


Well ... a historic gem and only a portion! Plant introducing Stairway To Heaven saying: "I think this is a song of hope..." and he suddenly ad-libs "...and it's a very quiet song so shut up!" but only the first part of his introduction can be heard on movie and soundtrack. Bonham launching with a fury his drum introduction to Heartbreaker and then heavily leads the band with Whole Lotta Love.

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
  1.       Rock And Roll    3:49      
  2.       Black Dog    0:15   cut    
  3.       Over The Hills And Far Away    0:51   cut    
  4.       Misty Mountain Hop    3:13   cut    
  5.       Since I've Been Loving You    4:40   cut    
  6.       No Quarter    2:38   cut    
7.       The Rain Song    6:57   cut    
8.       Dazed And Confused   28:55    
    a.        Ramp-Up Section    1:58      
    b.        Ethereal Interlude    2:33      
      i.        San Francisco    0:36      
    c.        Bow Solo    7:18      
      i.        Slapped Echo Section    0:49      
      ii.        Mars Alternate Section #1    2:13      
      iii.        Vocal Accompanied Section    1:25      
      iv.        Mars Alternate Section #2    0:25      
      v.        Fireworks Section    0:15      
      vi.        Crescendo Section    0:27      
    d.        Circular Funk Section    1:14      
    e.        Lay-It-Back Section    0:21      
    f.        Moaning Section    1:49      
    g.        Mars: The Bringer Of War    0:42      
    h.        Outro Shuffle    2:32      
9.       Stairway To Heaven   10:45    
10.       Moby Dick   20:50    
    a.        No-Sticks Section    4:11      
    b.        Tympani Solo    3:36      
11.       Heartbreaker    6:20    
    a.        HB Guitar Solo    2:43      
12.       Whole Lotta Love   14:17      
    a.        Funk Out Section    4:10      
      i.        Ain't It Funky Now    0:50      
      ii.        The Crunge    0:02      
      iii.        Theremin Duel    1:58      
    b.        Boogie Chillen'    5:15      
      i.        So Many Roads    0:03      
      ii.        Gallows Pole    0:02      
      iii.        Boogie Mama    0:26      
      iv.        Hideaway    0:05      
      v.        Cat's Squirrel    0:10      
13.       The Ocean **Encore**    4:08    
  14.       Closing Thanks        

My Collection Of Recordings For This Event

















Generation   Length   Source   Comments
1st gen   98   aud   runs a hair fast
2nd gen       aud   cassette, runs a hair fast
1st gen       sbd   1st gen open reel
2nd gen       sbd   master>1st gen open reel>2nd gen cassette
3rd gen   52   sbd   Type II 3rd gen cassette, runs slightly slow
unknown gen   64   sbd   more complete, contains Dazed And Confused and Stairway To Heaven
unknown gen   12   vid   Color amateur video without actual sound. This film runs slow. This was transfered to video using a videocamera shooting a home screening of the film.