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Palais Des Sports

  Official Web Site: Confirmed J
Recorded Time: 1:32:44   Lyons, France   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
3rd European Tour 1973     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
    Led Zep Concerts: Confirmed J
      Wikipedia: Confirmed J


Very incomplete but great recording. Although nothing can compare after few previous nights but this show rocks too.

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       Over The Hills And Far Away    5:02   cut    
2.       Black Dog    6:29      
3.       Misty Mountain Hop    4:40      
4.       Since I've Been Loving You    9:16      
5.       Dancing Days    4:53      
6.       Bron-Y-Aur Stomp    6:03      
7.       The Song Remains The Same    5:26      
8.       The Rain Song    9:46      
9.       Dazed And Confused   12:23   cut  
    a.        Ramp-Up Section    1:10      
    b.        Ethereal Interlude    1:50      
      i.        San Francisco    0:25      
    c.        Bow Solo    4:43   cut    
      i.        Slapped Echo Section    0:34      
      ii.        Mars Alternate Section #1    1:50      
      iii.        Vocal Accompanied Section    1:07   cut    
10.       Stairway To Heaven   13:14      
11.       Whole Lotta Love    8:55   cut    
  a.        I Can't Quit You Baby    5:36   cut    
    b.        The Lemon Song    1:00      
12.       Heartbreaker **Encore**    6:34    
    a.        HB Guitar Solo    1:58      
      i.        Bourrée In E Minor    0:16      
      ii.        Feel So Bad Medley    0:13      
  13.       Closing Thanks        

My Collection Of Recordings For This Event









Generation   Length   Source   Comments
unknown gen       aud   Dazed And Confused only
unknown gen   17   aud   cassette (Whole Lotta Love and Heartbreaker only, sounds a hair better)
1st gen   132   aud   reel-to-reel (mono, 1st gen.) = Surfaced 40 years later on 26-Mar-2013