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Brighton Dome

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Recorded Time: 52:04   Brighton, England   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
Oct 1972 - Winter UK Tour 72/73     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
    Led Zep Concerts: Confirmed J
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This show is a real gem, sadly only a fragment. It was recorded by a teenager who had little money for cassettes, and he recorded over much of this concert later at a Rory Gallagher concert. What a terrible shame as it was an amazing concert by all accounts.

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
          Out On The Tiles (Intro)    0:10      
1.       Black Dog    5:27    
2.       Misty Mountain Hop    4:33    
3.       Since I've Been Loving You    3:00   cut    
4.       Whole Lotta Love   27:40    
    a.        Space Out Section    2:23      
      i.        Sing A Simple Song    0:40      
      ii.        Theremin Duel    1:14      
      iii.        Just A Little Bit    0:03      
    b.        Come Back Section    1:40      
      i.        Everybody Needs Somebody To Love    1:30      
    c.        Boogie Chillen'    2:54      
      i.        Boogie Mama    0:26      
      ii.        Hideaway    0:05      
    d.        (Let's Have A) Party    2:06      
    e.        Mystery Train    2:15      
    f.        Heartbreak Hotel    2:08      
    g.        I Can't Quit You Baby    6:23      
    h.        Going Down Slow    1:57      
5.       Heartbreaker **Encore**    6:59    
    a.        HB Guitar Solo    2:02      
      i.        Bourrée In E Minor    0:14      
      ii.        Feel So Bad Medley    0:13      
  6.       Closing Thanks        

My Collection Of Recordings For This Event









Generation   Length   Source   Comments
master   52   aud   Phillips C-90 master cassette (the reason why this show is so incomplete is that the taper managed to tape over the majority of the set with a Rory Gallager gig and some Faces BBC recordings).
1st gen   52   aud   Cassette Phillips C-90 master cassette>1st gen cassette