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Capitol Theatre

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Recorded Time: 37:57   Cardiff, Wales   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
Oct 1972 - Winter UK Tour 72/73     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
    Led Zep Concerts: Confirmed J
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Only last few songs were recorded. The Whole Lotta Love medley is played by passion and the atmosphere is so good that the band treated the audience with Old McDonald Had A Farm before as they launched to Immigrant Song. A very nice version of Thank You closing this evening.

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       Whole Lotta Love   10:57   cut    
    a.        (Let's Have A) Party    0:33   cut    
    b.        Heartbreak Hotel    1:57      
    c.        I Can't Quit You Baby    4:30      
    d.        Going Down Slow    1:23      
2.       Immigrant Song **Encore**    3:15    
    a.        Mr. You're A Better Man Than I (solo)    1:00      
3.       Heartbreaker **Encore**    6:31      
    a.        HB Guitar Solo    1:56      
      i.        Bourrée In E Minor    0:15      
      ii.        Feel So Bad Medley    0:13      
4.       Mellotron Solo **Encore**    2:51    
5.       Thank You **Encore**    7:54      
  6.       Closing Thanks        

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3rd gen       aud   2nd gen>3rd gen
unknown gen   32   aud   cassette, runs fast