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Recorded Time: 7:10   London, England   The Complete Concert Chronicles:
European Tour 1971     Led Zeppelin Reference:
Note: Studio Session - 'When The Levee Breaks'.     Led Zep Concerts:
      Studio Vaults: Confirmed J

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This is the most rough out of all companion mixes. It shows how complex this song really is. So many different parts and little accents that, when skillfully mixed together, create one of Zeppelin's most atmospheric songs. So much to mention here, you're better off listening to it on your own. This version sounds very similar to the intro-less version we have on bootlegs. For example, the intermittent reverse stuff which starts at 5:50 (sounds like a cow mooing) is only present or particularly noticeable on these two. In any event they seem more closely related to each other than to the finished version or the other full-length, faster one with different lyrics.
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Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
  1.       When The Levee Breaks # (Alternate U.K. Mix)    7:10      

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