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Ulster Hall

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Recorded Time: 1:55:00   Belfast, N Ireland   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
Jan 1971 - Back to the Clubs Tour     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
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The recording is slightly distorted as per many of the audience recordings of the time. Make no mistake about it, what you are hearing is Led Zeppelin at the very top of their game. Tonight's set kicks off with a bombastic Immigrant Song, crushing the audience with it's immense volume. A superb Heartbreaker follows, complete with a compact guitar solo. This concert is a must for any Robert Plant fan. He gives the show 110% and the unbelievable power of his amazing high pitched vocals is evident right from the start. A full-on version of Black Dog complete with a mistake in the first instrumental passage. For a long time, we have all wondered what the first ever public performance of Stairway To Heaven must have been like. Well, wonder no more for now it can be heard. Zeppelin finish the main set with a compact Whole Lotta Love medley. Rock And Roll is another preview, played at a frantic pace.

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       Immigrant Song    3:17      
    a.        Mr. You're A Better Man Than I (solo)    1:10      
2.       Heartbreaker    5:50      
    a.        HB Guitar Solo    1:35      
3.       Since I've Been Loving You    6:45    
          Out On The Tiles (Intro)    0:10      
4.       Black Dog    4:55    
5.       Dazed And Confused   15:47    
    a.        Early Shuffle    0:36      
    b.        Bow Solo    3:55      
      i.        Slapped Echo Section    0:33      
      ii.        Mars Alternate Section #1    1:05      
      iii.        Vocal Accompanied Section    0:54      
      iv.        Fireworks Section    0:18      
      v.        Crescendo Section    0:16      
    c.        Beat Down Section    0:29      
    d.        Moaning Section    0:35      
    e.        Mars: The Bringer Of War    0:32      
    f.        Outro Shuffle    1:42      
6.       Stairway To Heaven    7:44      
7.       Going To California    3:05      
8.       What Is And What Should Never Be    4:41      
9.       Moby Dick    8:11   cut    
10.       Whole Lotta Love   15:47      
    a.        Space Out Section    1:24      
      i.        Theremin Duel    1:07      
    b.        Come Back Section    0:20      
    c.        Boogie Chillen'    2:15      
      i.        Boogie Mama    0:25      
      ii.        Hideaway    0:05      
    d.        Bottle It Up And Go    1:34      
      i.        They're Red Hot    0:08      
      ii.        Cumberland Gap    0:08      
    e.        Honey Bee    0:47      
    f.        Think You Need A Shot(The Needle)    0:43      
    g.        The Lemon Song    1:25      
11.       Communication Breakdown    5:18    
    a.        It's Your Thing    0:35      
12.       Rock And Roll **Encore**    3:17    
13.       Bring It On Home **Encore**    9:06    
    a.        Break It Down Section    3:50      
      i.        Page/Jones Mimic Section    0:40      
      ii.        Harmonica Section    1:05      
      iii.        Page/Bonham Mimic Section    0:40      

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Generation   Length   Source   Comments
master       aud   Philips Recorder>Scotch C-120 master cassette (taped by Norman Hanna some 2/3 of the way back with the cassette machine positioned on the floor)