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Hampton Roads Coliseum

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Recorded Time: 2:02:28   Hampton, VA, USA   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
N American Tour Summer 1970 - Dec 1970     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
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This show varies between great and average. Bron-Yr-Aur is the worst, sounding like Page tuning his guitar for two minutes. However, they do achieve some unique dramatic effects in the early part of Dazed And Confused, and the guitar solo in Since I've Been Loving You is very dramatic.

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       Immigrant Song    3:41    
    a.        Mr. You're A Better Man Than I (solo)    1:25      
2.       Heartbreaker    6:57      
    a.        HB Guitar Solo    2:45      
      i.        Bourrée In E Minor    0:07      
3.       Dazed And Confused   17:46    
    a.        Early Shuffle    0:54      
    b.        Bow Solo    4:41      
      i.        Slapped Echo Section    0:45      
      ii.        Mars Alternate Section #1    1:21      
      iii.        Vocal Accompanied Section    1:10      
      iv.        Judy Judy Judy    0:08      
      v.        Crescendo Section    0:24      
    c.        Beat Down Section    0:24      
    d.        Moaning Section    0:45      
    e.        Mars: The Bringer Of War    0:29      
    f.        Outro Shuffle    2:04      
4.       Bring It On Home    9:35    
    a.        Break It Down Section    3:38      
      i.        Page/Jones Mimic Section    1:18      
      ii.        Harmonica Section    1:21      
      iii.        Page/Bonham Mimic Section    0:50      
5.       That's The Way    5:27    
6.       Bron-Yr-Aur    2:39    
7.       Since I've Been Loving You    7:06    
8.       Organ Solo    4:50    
9.       Thank You    7:54      
10.       What Is And What Should Never Be    4:47    
11.       Moby Dick   17:17    
    a.        No-Sticks Section    4:15      
12.       Whole Lotta Love   13:02   cut  
    a.        Space Out Section    3:10      
      i.        Theremin Duel    2:56      
    b.        Come Back Section    0:26      
    c.        Boogie Chillen'    2:05   cut    
      i.        Back In The USA    0:55   cut    
    d.        I'm Movin On    1:14      
    e.        Unknown    1:14      
    f.        C.C. Rider    0:20      
13.       Communication Breakdown **Encore**    7:08    
    a.        Sing A Simple Song    0:10      
    b.        Bass Jam    0:50      
    c.        Good Times Bad Times    2:58      
  14.       Closing Thanks        

My Collection Of Recordings For This Event



Generation   Length   Source   Comments
2nd gen       aud   -
3rd gen       aud   cassette, sounds clearer than 2nd gen but more hiss (beginning of Moby Dick repeated)
unknown gen   115   aud   -