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Whisky A Go Go

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Recorded Time: 52:13   Los Angeles, CA, USA   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
Dec 1968 - N American Tour 1968/1969     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
    Led Zep Concerts: Confirmed J
      Wikipedia: Confirmed J


We can certainly feel that the performance of the band captured by the tape is one of its earliest, since most of the tunes are played in more compact manner than they became in later stages. Here, improvisations are confined to minimum levels. However, the brutality of Bonzo's drum playing and the wide range of Robert's voice is incredible. Jimmy also seems to have been doing some experimental guitar works here. For Your Love rounds out this performance and the band play it as it should have been originally. It doesn’t get more psychedelic than this version.

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       As Long As I Have You   10:34    
    a.        Fresh Garbage    1:52      
      i.        Summertime Blues    1:14      
    b.        Bags' Groove    2:05      
    c.        Unknown    0:35      
    d.        Mockingbird    0:56      
2.       I Can't Quit You Baby    5:28    
    a.        Unknown    0:53      
3.       Train Kept A Rollin'    2:32    
4.       Babe I'm Gonna Leave You    5:35    
5.       Dazed And Confused    9:49    
    a.        Early Shuffle    0:26      
    b.        Bow Solo    2:41      
      i.        Vocal Accompanied Section    0:36      
      ii.        Fireworks Section    0:14      
      iii.        Crescendo Section    0:05      
    c.        Moaning Section    0:12      
    d.        Outro Shuffle    0:36      
6.       Killing Floor    3:28    
    a.        Blues With A Feeling    0:28      
7.       For Your Love **Encore**    5:39    
  8.       Closing Thanks        

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Generation   Length   Source   Comments
master   52   aud   taped by Dave Cole, Sony mic>RCA portable stereo cassette tape recorder>master cassette (no source tape available, only silver pressed bootlegs)