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Nov '73 - May '74  

Headley Grange

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Recorded Time: 54:00   Headley, England   The Complete Concert Chronicles:
Oct 1973 - European Warmups 1975     Led Zeppelin Reference:
Note: Studio Session - 'Midnight Moonlight'.     Led Zep Concerts:
      Studio Vaults: Confirmed J

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This is the famous lost Zeppelin epic song. It is also known under the title Midnight Moonlight and that is correct since it did finally surface in the early eighties with The Firm. It is an important piece of Zeppelin's history, giving the band the name of its record label, and deserves to be acknowledged as such. This recording has Page playing acoustic guitar over splashes of mellotron. He works on themes that have been heard onstage for years in his White Summer improvisations, and over the hour or so he runs these themes through many different textures and variations. The last take of Midnight Moonlight is an eight minute long variation of the old Yardbirds tracks.
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Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
  1.       Midnight Moonlight # several takes, some with overdubs - guitar/mellotron)   53:49      

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unknown gen       cassette demo   Swan Song sessions (date is still speculative)