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Sunset Sound Studios

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Recorded Time: 8:03   Los Angeles, CA, USA   The Complete Concert Chronicles:
Jan 1971 - Back to the Clubs Tour     Led Zeppelin Reference:
Note: Studio Session - 'Stairway To Heaven'.     Led Zep Concerts:
      Studio Vaults: Confirmed J

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Whooah! The legendary Sunset Sound mix. The added reverb in the beginning is a little distracting while listening on headphones, on a proper stereo it would be fine (ambience is really nice). First major difference: the recorders are hard cut instead of faded out at 2:13. This is a bit jarring but works with what Page said recently about each part of Stairway having definite transitions. There is an amazing clarity to Bonzo's drums always fascinating to hear. Immediately after the solo, the very ending of the solo you hear Page slide down the neck. Then there are extra guitar overdubs as well as missing vocal overdubs from Plant. In the final album mix, Plant is double or triple tracked. In this version there's only one track - the lower one. There's a few extra guitar licks right after "to be a rock and not to roll" - it sounds almost like he's mimicking parts of the solo.
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  1.       Stairway To Heaven # (Sunset Sound Mix)    8:03      

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