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Hofheinz Pavilion

  Official Web Site: Confirmed J
Recorded Time: 34:31   Houston, TX, USA   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
N American Tour Spring 1970     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
    Led Zep Concerts: Confirmed J
      Wikipedia: Confirmed J


This is a very good clip from this show. White Summer/Black Mountain Side is a great virtuosic performance from Jimmy, and the medley has a great introduction before it really gets kick started. This medley is hot ... Page has an obsession with playing For What It's Worth during How Many More Times. Not only does he use it as an introduction, but reintroduces it after the first verse and includes it during the medley. Curiously, Plant doesn't sing any of its lyrics.

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       White Summer-Black Mountain Side   12:55    
    a.        Casbah    0:22      
    b.        Mustapha    0:23      
    c.        Swan Song    0:35      
2.       How Many More Times   20:39   cut  
    a.        For What It's Worth    2:30      
      i.        Echo Effect    0:06      
    b.        Unknown    0:36      
    c.        Down By The River    0:23      
    d.        Beck's Bolero    1:25      
      i.        Boléro    0:39      
    e.        The Hunter    1:51   cut    
    f.        Acapella Blues Improvisation    0:45      
      i.        Think You Need A Shot(The Needle)    0:08      
    g.        Unknown    2:32      
      i.        I Feel So Bad    0:13      
    h.        For What It's Worth    0:56      
    i.        Tobacco Road    0:59   cut    

My Collection Of Recordings For This Event






Generation   Length   Source   Comments
1st gen   35   aud   Used to circulate as being from Houston August 30th, 1969 (runs a bit slow - correct speed is 34 mins.)
2nd gen   35   aud   runs a bit slow
unknown gen   35   aud   runs a bit slow