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Olympic Studios

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Recorded Time: 22:18   Barnes, England   The Complete Concert Chronicles:
Sep 1968 - UK Tour 1968     Led Zeppelin Reference:
Note: Studio Sessions - Guitar/Organ instrumentals.     Led Zep Concerts:
      Studio Vaults: Confirmed J

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A very interesting jam. Its origin and purpose is a mystery and when they first surfaced it was claimed the organ player was Steve Winwood. The music is very moody and it sounds like Page and John Paul Jones trying to get a handle on Your Time Is Gonna Come.
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Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       Guitar/Organ instrumentals # (take 1)    0:29      
2.       Guitar/Organ instrumentals # (take 2)    1:00      
3.       Guitar/Organ instrumentals # (take 3)    1:40      
4.       Guitar/Organ instrumentals # (take 4)    2:47      
5.       Guitar/Organ instrumentals # (take 5)    4:11      
6.       Guitar/Organ instrumentals # (take 6)    4:58      
7.       Guitar/Organ instrumentals # (take 7, with "voices")    5:31      

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Generation   Length   Source   Comments
unknown gen   22   sbd   Page & Jones (some sources claims Page & Winwood)