Date Acquired       Description       Artisan       Type       Link
2nd Apr 1978       Pioneer Hi Fi System       Pioneer       Misc Objects      
@1983       That Peaceful Spot       Michael John Hill       Oil Painting      
@1986       Tantalus       Daniel & Arter       Object d'Art      
23rd Aug 1989       45 rpm Records       Led Zeppelin       Object d'Art      
@1991       Lovers       Armin Birkel       Print      
20th Jul 1992       Homeward       David James       Oil Painting      
23rd Jun 1993       Royal Warrant               Certificate      
? Mar 1994       Dinner Service       Royal Stafford       Dinner Service      
31st Oct 1998       Alfred       Regimental Statuette Manufacturers       Sculpture      
@1999       Springtime       Pierre-Auguste Cot       Print      
15th Jan 1999       Rooftops Of Paris       Walt Disney       Acetate Cel      
26th Jun 1999       Jimi Hen Drinks       Simon Drew       Pen & Ink Drawing      
26th Jun 1999       a terrierist       Simon Drew       Pen & Ink Drawing      
@2001       Boy In The Nest       Eva Cassidy       Print      
@2002       Tapestry               Tapestry      
3rd Nov 2002       Magenta - Spirit Of Fire       Michael Talbot       Sculpture      
2003       Tommy's Life: In Training       Fergus Mackain       Postcard      
2nd Sep 2004       Clocking In Clock       The National Time Recorder Co Ltd       Clock      
17th Nov 2005       Florentine 44 Piece Cutlery Set       Arthur Price       Misc Objects      
31st Mar 2008       King Alfred Silver Silhouette Menu Holder       FJ Ross & sons       Object d'Art      
17th Oct 2012       'Celebration Day' Concert Poster       Led Zeppelin       Poster      
6th Sep 2014       Car Reg 1 TWX               Misc Objects      
6th Sep 2014       Car Reg X 12 APC               Misc Objects      
@2016       Mandolin       R Garelli       Object d'Art      
@2016       Copper Kettle & Stand       Christopher Dresser       Object d'Art      
@2016       Mirror               Mirror      
@2016       Horn               Copperware      
@2016       Copper Plate               Copperware      
@2016       Umbrella Stand               Furniture      
@2016       Coffee Table       Willis & Gambier       Furniture      
@2016       En Luberon       Philippe Janin       Print      
@2016       TV Stand       Willis & Gambier       Furniture      
@2016       Mechanical Decanting Cradle       Unknown       Curiosity      
6th Oct 2016       19th Century French Bronze       Unknown       Bronze Sculpture      
8th Oct 2016       A Standing Bronze Of A Lioness       Thomas Francois Cartier (1879 - 1943)       Bronze Sculpture      
8th Oct 2016       "Greyhounds & Palms" Centrepiece       Elkington & Co       Object d'Art      
12th Oct 2016       A Wooded River Landscape       Thomas Creswick (1811 - 1869)       Oil Painting      
13th Oct 2016       Don't Tell Him Pike       Simon Drew       Pen & Ink Drawing      
20th Oct 2016       Padley Brook       Clarence Roe (1850 - 1909)       Oil Painting      
22nd Oct 2016       Oak Monks Bench       Unknown       Furniture      
24th Oct 2016       Butlers Tray       Unknown       Furniture      
30th Oct 2016       C19th/Early C20th Sword Stick       Unknown       Object d'Art      
1st Nov 2016       Lidded Vase       Royal Limoges       Ceramics      
4th Nov 2016       Morning Service       Joseph Nash (1809 - 1878)       Watercolour      
5th Nov 2016       Gentleman On Horseback With Dogs       Thomas Creswick (1811 - 1869)       Oil Painting      
8th Nov 2016       The Bower       William Eadie (1847 - 1926)       Oil Painting      
12th Nov 2016       Romance       Lladro       Figurine      
18th Nov 2016       An Angler In A River Landscape       Thomas Creswick (1811 - 1869)       Oil Painting      
23rd Nov 2016       Panorama Over Heidelberg On The Neckar       Philip Mitchell (1814 - 1896)       Watercolour      
24th Nov 2016       Inclined Plane Mantel Clock       Dent of London       Clock      
24th Nov 2016       Silver Plated Candlestick       Elkington & Co       Object d'Art      
24th Nov 2016       Couple D'antilopes       Charles Lemanceau (1905 - 1980)       Art Deco      
24th Nov 2016       Salzburg       Rosalie W Thurston (1905 - 1991)       Watercolour      
2nd Dec 2016       The Clandestine Correspondence       Charles Lees (1800 - 1880)       Oil Painting      
3rd Dec 2016       Figural Table Lamp       Unknown       Art Deco      
3rd Dec 2016       Table Lamp       Tiffany Style       Object d'Art      
3rd Dec 2016       Silver Plated Candlestick       Elkington & Co       Object d'Art      
6th Dec 2016       The Question, "Cavalier or Roundhead."?       Martha Jones (1821 - 1913)       Oil Painting      
6th Dec 2016       Country Lane With Sheep       J Morris       Oil Painting      
8th Dec 2016       The Betrothal       George Cattermole (1800 - 1868)       Watercolour      
10th Dec 2016       The Dacre Monument, Herstmonceux       Samuel A Rayner (1820 - 1874)       Watercolour      
13th Dec 2016       A Tree stump Fossil, Indonesian       Petrified Wood       Object d'Art      
13th Dec 2016       Let's Dance       Joy Kirton Smith       Bronze Sculpture      
13th Dec 2016       The Music Lesson       Follower of Willem Van Mieris (Leyden 1662 - 1747)       Oil Painting      
7th Jan 2017       A 19th Century Stained And Leaded Glass Window       Unknown       Object d'Art      
10th Jan 2017       RAPC Dinner Service       Coalport       Dinner Service      
6th Mar 2017       Reclining Lady       Berlot & Mussier       Art Deco      
28th Apr 2017       Lady and Dog       Salvatore Mélani (1902 - 1934)       Art Deco      
12th May 2017       Interior Of The Chappel Hadden Hall       Margaret Rayner (1837 - 1920)       Watercolour      
15th May 2017       A Soft Refrain       Lladro       Figurine      
15th May 2017       Charger       Henri Delcourt       Ceramics      
@2017       1 ltr Asbach Holder       Asbach       Curiosity      
@2017       Edwardian Silver Mounted Match Striker       Hart & Sons       Curiosity      
@2017       Carillon Vedette Westminster       Vedette       Clock      
@2017       Apothecary Scales       F.E. Becker & Co       Curiosity      
@2017       Piano Stool               Furniture      
@2017       Plaque               Décor      
@2017       Dent Watches       Dent of London       Watch      
2nd Sep 2017       Grayshott Charger       Grayshott Pottery       Ceramics      
13th Sep 2017       A Vintage Brass Night Watchman's Recording Clock       Dent of London       Clock      
26th Jun 2018       A Roaring Lion       Thomas Francois Cartier (1879 - 1943)       Bronze Sculpture      
2nd Nov 2018       18 K Gold Half Hunter Watch       Dent of London       Watch      
12th Nov 2018       3 Ltr Asbach Flasche Im Metallhalter       Asbach       Curiosity      
5th Dec 2018       3/4 Pallet Pocket Watch Movement       Arnold & Dent       Watch      
30th Dec 2018       Solid Silver Half Hunter Pocket Watch       Dent of London       Watch      
2nd Feb 2019       Car Reg K14 XXL               Misc Objects      
4th May 2019       Framed Patchwork Silk Cigarette Cards       Unknown       Patchwork      
11th Jun 2019       Tiffany Style Floor Light       Tiffany Style       Object d'Art      
11th Dec 2019       A Still-Life Study Of Fruit On A Table-Top       C. C. Hodgson       Oil Painting