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Denver Coliseum

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Recorded Time: 26:28   Denver, CO, USA   The Complete Concert Chronicles: Confirmed J
9th N American Tour 1973     Led Zeppelin Reference: Confirmed J
    Led Zep Concerts: Confirmed J
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This concert is one of the better from this tour, sadly only the last half is available. All songs presented here are playing with passion and energy. A massive version of Heartbreaker leads to the bombastic Whole Lotta Love that contains very nice rendition of John Lee Hooker's Boogie Chillun. A hurricane Communication Breakdown closing this amazing show.

Known Set List
  Track   Title Time
1.       Heartbreaker    6:17    
    a.        HB Guitar Solo    1:46      
2.       Whole Lotta Love   11:13      
    a.        Funk Out Section    2:50      
      i.        Ain't It Funky Now    0:11      
      ii.        Theremin Duel    1:46      
      iii.        The Crunge    0:03      
    b.        Boogie Chillen'    3:55      
      i.        Boogie Mama    0:26      
      ii.        Hideaway    0:05      
      iii.        Cat's Squirrel    0:04      
3.       Communication Breakdown **Encore**    3:58    
    a.        It's Your Thing    0:30      
      i.        The Crunge    0:10      
  4.       Closing Thanks        

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